[IT] Cygwin を新規導入するメモ (依存関係)


こないだ購入した Let’s Note S9 へ Cygwin 1.7.7 を新規導入しました。


atk (1.26.0-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: grandr, libgnomeui2

boost-devel (1.43.0-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: boost, libboost

curl-devel (7.19.4-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: libxerces-c-devel

glib-devel (1.2.10-10)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: xdelta-devel

glib2 (2.20.4-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: clisp-gtk2, grandr, libmng-contrib, pal, syslog-ng, xsri

gtk2-x11 (2.16.5-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: grandr

gtk2-x11-runtime (2.16.5-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: clisp-gtk2, gq, libgnomeui2, libmng-contrib, xsri

libesound0 (0.2.41-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: libgnome2

libglade2 (2.6.4-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: clisp-gtk2, gq

libjpeg62 (6b-21)
 A library for manipulating JPEG image format files (runtime)
 Required by: grace, libgdk_imlib1, libgeotiff, libgeotiff1, libgnomeui2, libgs8, libjasper1.701_0, libMagick10, libmng-contrib, libmng1, libqt3, libtiff4, ploticus, singular-surf, ted, tetex-bin, xemacs

libproj0 (4.5.0a-2)
 The PROJ Cartographic Projections Software (runtime)
 Required by: libgeotiff1, libproj-devel, proj

pcre-devel (7.9-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: parrot-devel

xorg-x11-bin-dlls (7.4-1)
 Obsolete package
 Required by: libgnomeui2, xbrlapi


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投稿者 斉藤之雄 (Yukio Saito)

Global Information and Communication Technology OTAKU / Sports volunteer / Social Services / Master of Technology in Innovation for Design and Engineering, AIIT / BA, Social Welfare, NFU / twitter@yukio_saitoh